a single goose with runner ducks?!


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so my plan for the homestead is to eventually have a flock of amercians (buff, blue or lavender)
but im also IN LOVE with africans...

my goose flock cant come for a while, i need to get other more productive projects started frist, BUT on of those first projects is 1/2 a dozn runner ducks in the spring...
im wondering since i dont actually want a flock of africans, would it be feesable to get an african gosling and raise and house it with the runners as an alarm system for the runner yard. i dont expect a goose to fight off a predator, but itll be a while before i can get an LGD and while these guys will be fenced a large imposing bird with a big voice would be helpfull if im in the house.

would it be cruel to let it grow up thinking its a duck and never having a goosey mate to mabe have babies with?! woudl it be better to get a sexed pair of african goslings to raise with the ducks or woudl they be too focused on each other to stay with the runners.
I have an emden gander that my muscovy hen hatched[traded eggs] and he is 41/2 years old has lived with ducks his entire life, he acts like a goose but hangs out with his flock. I think if you got a gosling and it grew up with your runners it would be fine, someone else may say that it's cruel not to let it have one of its own to grow up with, but I can assure you my goose is very happy living with just ducks and there are chickens too. He does mate with the ducks but they don't care at all. so you might want to take that into consideration. and no we have not hatched out any half duck half goose kids either.
Good luck Ducks and geese are such great animals.
I ordered a pair of pilgrims goslings with my ducklings. My goose died and my gander took up with a white runner duck and they stay together all the time. I tried seperateing them but they were so unhappy that I eventually let them be together. My gander Mikey watches out for all my ducks now. I got a trio of toulouse hoping he would take to one of the females but he hasn't yet. He doesn't seem to care for the toulouse but they follow him everywhere he goes.They're still less than a year old so there is still hope. I want a female pilgrim but can't find one around my area. I may have to ordered a trio of pilgrims in the spring. Mikey is very happy with the ducks and chickens and he tolerates the toulouses. Personally I had rather have pairs tho.
I have 4 geese. Two are Sebbies, 1 Super Afrcian and 1 American Buff. They live with 8 Runner ducks and 3 Pekins. When the ducks do mate the geese seem to get upset and feel as if they are breaking up a fight. LOL. They do just fine. They sleep together during the day but will wonder around separately always meeting up with each other making sure all is well. The chickens could care less about the waterfowl...... lol. Usually the ducks and geese are afraid of them.

You could have 1 goose but I myself feel a pair is always better. Maybe it's just human nature.
thanks for the experiences guys, thats just what i needed to hear
i think this might work out well

as a side note, sebastian is beautiful!
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