A squat or a duck?


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
The chicken coop
Hi all,
I have noticed a few of my chickens, the ones with more red faces than the rest, are doing this squat/duck thingy.
I dont know if this is just them ducking and trying to get away from my hand or if it is a sqaut and I should be expecting eggs soon

If a pic is needed just say so
If they wanted to get away wouldn't they move? I would guess they are squating.
How old are your hens? A few of my hens began laying about a week ago. The first one to lay had been doing the squat thing for a week or two before she laid her first egg at 19 weeks old. I'm guessing what you're seeing is a squat and they'll be laying soon!
They sort of crouch down low to the ground with their backs flat and their wing joints above their back. Does this sound like what you're seeing?
i think they are around 3 or 4 months (15 weeks about)
and they do crouch down low to the ground and their backs are somewhat flat but their wings dont move. would a picture help?

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