A story from a friend about a rabbit that almost died

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    Formally Know as Bunny Patch's Splash, has a touching tale to tell. It was a
    cold, Windy, Snowy February Night ( Feb 2, 2013 ), I went to go feed the bunnies.
    Splash didnt come to eat. I opened the nest box to see if she was
    alright. She was huddled over in the corner shaking. I knew something was wrong.
    I asked my mom to hold her in the car while I finished feeding the rest of the
    bunnies. We brought her inside and tried to give her food and water, She would not
    take it. We tried to give her water through a syringe, It just ran out of her
    mouth. We didn't think she was going to make it. I laid with her, an tried to
    keep her warm but she was just getting colder. She started to have seizures and
    looked like she was doing the death roll. This went on for more than two hours.
    She went in and out of consciousness. She just layed there with her head bent
    back and her body stiff and cold. Her heart continued to beat though her breathing
    was shallow. Out of desperation and worry I gathered her in my arms and held her
    close to my heart. I just laid there and prayed. It seemed like hours. All of a sudden she kicked her back legs on me, I tried to sit her up , to my surprise she could hold her body up!!! But the battle wasent over yet. I called for my mom and I told her the
    great news. She couldn't believe it. The next step was to get food and water into
    her frail little body. We put her into a small box with some bedding. She still
    stayed up. All of a sudden she made a attempt to chew. Slowly but steadily her
    strength increase until she began to eat on her own. SHE WAS EATTING.! Then we
    gave her water, She began to drink and her eyes got brighter. By then it was
    almost midnight and she had almost complety recovered. Bunny Patch Rabbitry and
    Splash were blessed by an angel last night. Now we have changed her name to
    Bunny Patch's Second Chance..

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