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  1. this morning, saw that two chicks were out and dry, and one egg was half-cracked. Inside the cracked egg, was a live, struggling chick. I left for 3 hours and when I got back the chick was still in the egg, drying out. I peeled the egg off him, getting most of it but some membrane is still stuck to him. Also, it looked like the chick had poop all around its back end and a little(like a pencil eraser) fleshy bump on its rear. I've never seen this before, Is this normal or is that something thats supposed to be inside him? I'll post pics within the hour. Thanks
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  2. The bump is somewhat visible, for size and location. I noticed some blood smeared on paper towel, and the bump is smaller, but red and irritated. The chick flips arounds in the incubator but hasn't stood once yet in itsfew hours. Any Ideas?
  3. On a closer examination, now that the chick is drying, the bump is not the vent as I can clearly see that. It is closer to right betwwen the legs when the chick is on its back. It seems stronger now, and does attempt to get footing, but ends up rolling over and kicking one leg while holding the other close to its body. The bump is closer to the non-kicking leg. When I push against either foot, he pushes back, so I know the leg works. Strange
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    Curious...I don't have a clue, but someone more expierienced with chicks will see this and help shortly.
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    I think that's something that is supposed to be in him. My cous had a chick that hatched with all his insides outside. The chick ended up dying but your chick doesn't seem to be that bad. Hope he gets better.:aww
  6. Yeah, I also think that its supposed to be inside. I havent tried to touch it yet as I dont want to cause infection so Im not sure if its soft or hard, it looks kinda oozy if that makes sense. The chick itself seems strong and getting stronger, and theres no NEW blood so I'll just have to wait and see.
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    That is called a rough navel. Caused from chick hatching too early. The main cause is temp too high in incubator. Make sure you have more than one thermometer in the incubator. Never rely on just one. It also can be from humidity too high. Keep the other chicks away from it and let it dry VERY GOOD. If it isn't too big he will probably be alright. It will kind of absorb on its own as it dries up.
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  8. A rough naval, huh? That doesnt sound sooo bad. Hopefully you are right, and it will clear up. The other two chicks ate foo and drank water when put in front of them, so maybe theyve all been in there a couple days. I had to peel this one out, so if it was stuck like that for a few days, it seems pretty tough.
    So its a common thing? It really looks terrible. It bleeds, and looks oozy. Should I put some kind of antseptic on it?
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    It shouldn't be bleeding. I do not put antisceptic on mine because you want it to dry up, if not their inards will fall out on the floor. That's why they need to be separate from the others, so they don't pick at it and step on it. A bump that large isn't common, there is something wrong with your incubating. Temp or humidity.
  10. well it seems to be doing better now. It is squatting upright and the bump is noticably smaller. it is very alert, and has as much energy as the others.
    Granted, my incubation techniques werent very good this time, but this is also the first time I got some chicks that stood up. I know the humidity was off the last week cause I didnt check it. I have three thermometers in there and the temp is steady at 100.5, calculated by averaging 3 temps.

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