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Nov 15, 2007
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Please read this and see if you can help me... I am a third grade teacher and we have to teach life cycles. Last year I hatched off some of my own eggs so my students would get to experience the life cycle themselves. However, my rooster is a buff orp and all of my hens are different breeds, and I have no desire to raise mixed breeds so I had to find homes for all the chicks. I would like to give my students the same experience this year, but I am afraid I will not be able to get rid of more unwanted chicks.

Here is where I think you may be able to help: I would not mind keeping certian breeds of chicks myself and raising them so then I would be able to keep the chicks and would still be able to give my students the experience of seeing an egg develop into a chick. If you have any type of pure breed hatching eggs and are interested in helping me please let me know by responding here or in a PM. I wouldn't need many (6 or 12 would probably be sufficient) I don't mind paying for shipping, or meeting you somewhere to pick up the eggs if you live somewhere in SC or South East NC.

I dont want to be picky when people are trying to help me out, but If possible I do have some preferences. The breeds, my wife and I are most interested in are:
Leghorns (we would like white)
orpington (we'd love to have a hen to match our roo)
Marans (I prefer copper, but am sure that won't happen)
Jersey giants
Laced wyandottes (I think any of the laced chickens are beautiful birds)
Buckeyes (my wife is from Ohio

And if you have anything else that isn't on the list and would like to help please let me know. Thank you all for taking your time to read this post!
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I forgot to let everyone know I am located in Georgetown, SC.

I also forgot to say that if you are interested I will trade some of my eggs, but they will all be mixed breeds. (I had 100 percent hatch rate last year and even after they were hatched only 2 died later out of 24)

My roo is buff orp my hens are ameracuana, black giant, red/black/gold sex links
I don't have any eggs to offer but I did want to mention that you will do best with local eggs and not shipped eggs. I don't know if you have any experience with shipped eggs, but they are difficult and discouraged at times. Most people are lucky to have a 50% hatch rate and I know my kids get discouraged everytime I have to throw out more eggs, either because they quit or were scrambled by the PO, I actually don't let them see what I have anymore until they go to the hatcher because my 5yo would get mad at me
I have had a 5% - 100%(rare) rate on shipped eggs, but usually 30%-50%. Good luck in your search!
You should pm Gary (geareduplyn) , he has Ameraucana and I believe he is in SC, although I am not sure how far from you.
I just sent some to a school locally here for their project. If my girls were more reliable I would certainly send some, but they are all wonky again with this weather going from hot to cool.
Frequently there are many hatching eggs here for sale for not alot of money. If I were you I would I would buy some if you want specific breeds that you plan to keep. Hinkjc has gorgeous Buff Orps that are only $25 including shipping, and Jody sends extras. Pips and Peeps has gorgeous Ameraucanas, that are also very reasonable. Geareduplyn is also reasonable for a giant box of Araucana and Ameraucana eggs.

TFpets has been offering her cuckoo marans for shipping only. Look on the marans thread in the breeds forum.

Good luck.
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Klf73: thanks for the lead I will send geareduplyn a pm

SundownWaterfowl: Sebrights are beautiful birds, but I was really hoping to find someone a little closer....I want to give the eggs as much chance for success as possible since they are for the kids.

Thanks for all the helpful comments....keep them coming please.

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