A universal language ?

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    I was watching my Leghorn rooster walk past the turkey peeps yeaterday as a raven flew over. The rooster sounded his warning to his girls and the turkeys freaked out, ran over to a bucket that was laying on it's side in their pen and huddled in under it. They didn't move till the rooster relaxed and moved on past. It was a interesting behavior to observe

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    Isn't that something! I love watching my small flock of chickens....They really do communicate......We had a hawk flying overhead once, and my whole flock disappeared into the woods that border surrounds our house, while one hen sounded the alarm. It caught my attention and I ran outside just in time to see a hawk narrowly miss one of my hens.....

    They really do have a language of their own......
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    My ducks will turn their head to the sky and look without saying anything, and the chickens will start looking too, and if there actually is an airplane or something, they'll make their noises about it.

    It is neat how they correspond together as a flock even though they predominantly live separate.

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