A variety of Beautiful Sillkie roosters available hatched from Catdance eggs last spring Ventura Cou

fishermans wife

10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
Ventura County
I had great success with Catdance eggs last spring (March), and ended up with over 13 roosters. I plan to keep several, but need homes for others. I have a buff, several whites, partridge, and a black with some silver leakage on his neck feathers. If you are interested in seeing pictures of a particular color, please PM me and I will gladly send some to you! These are beautiful quality birds!
The Black has been rehomed as well as the Porcelain. My hope is to rehome locally as I have never shipped before, but I will keep my options open. If I was to ship, all expenses would have to be paid by the recipient. Thanks so much!
I still have a one buff, two or three white and one partridge boy to rehome. I will drive part way (within reason) to meet someone. PM me if you would like to see pictures! I have decided not to ship at this time.
I now have a partridge and at least 2 white roos available to rehoming! The other colors have been placed, for which I am grateful! I would love to get these guys into their forever home! PM me if you are interested!

(the one on the left)

Thank you for you for your consideration
Hi there, I am another silkie fan here in Ventura county. Sorry I was not checking things lately. I just gave away my silkie roosters away in November that my broody hen hatched out. didn't want to inbreed, but now really miss having a roo around. Do you know anyone local that might have an extra rooster???

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