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Hello, I got a 'mix of layers' from the blue seal feed store.... I thought that meant that they would be GOOD layers. I got 6 chickens and have been having a lot of fun watching them grow and posting pics on here and having people help me figure out what they are.... What I am finding is that the breeds that my friends on BYC are telling me I have - I later research to find that they are not great layers!
So.... I am asking you - the experts to tell me what you know about the breeds I THINK I might have - in regards to egg production. PLEASE!

I have a Buff Orp (what I've read tells me she'll be a great producer)
I have 2 Silver Spangled Hamburgs (not great layers from what I've read - and small eggs)
2 Dark Cornish hens (sounds like more of a meat bird... I'm not eating my pets! I've named them!
a Polish hen (she's awful sweet and pretty, but small eggs, not a great layer, right?)

Is my research sound, or can any one give me good new?! Do I only have ONE good layer in the whole bunch?!
Your cornish are MEANT to be meat birds, not egg layers. So no eggs from them. The polish will lay small eggs not very often. Dont know much about hamburgs though. It sounds like your orpington will be the only good and constant layer. Correct me if im wrong but I dont think cornish even lay eggs and dont they usually have a lot of deformities anyways?? If your not looking for just eggs, then you have a nice bunch. If you only have them for eggs, get more orpingtons! Good luck with all of them! I would say you would get about 2 a day, 3 if your lucky. No chicken lays everyday....
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Thank you every one for your input!
I got these birds for eggs and as pets. We are a family of 4, we don't really NEED more then a dozen eggs a week. Joey17 - I'm glad you think I have a "nice bunch". I am fond of the birds. We've been at this with them for almost 2 months now.... though I feel a bit deceived by the feed store, I already am attached to the birds... My BO's name is Summer and she's been my favorite all along ~ I knew what she was before all the others, and knew she would be a good producer! Jassy the Polish is super sweet! The Cornish girls are funny birds! thick 'meaty'
bodies - fun to watch. and the SPH are funny little nervous nillys! Thank you for your thoughts! I really do apprechiate!

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