? about losing a chicken and dealing with the rest of the flock

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    Apr 4, 2011
    Our golden comet chicken passed away last night. I thought she was fine but just not laying eggs. We found blood/red liquid on a stool in the hen house on Saturday with a big worm in it. Yuck. (I have a picture if anyone wants to see it) So I went to the Grange and got wormer medicine. Waizine? We gave that to all the girls and then on Tuesday night Raspberry, the golden comet who passed the stool (I could tell who did it because there was blood by her vent) started acting really bad. I checked on them the next morning and Raspberry seemed worse so I brought her in the house and put her in a dog kennel with water and food. She drank and ate a bit and seemed better but she had really liquid diarrhea. I was cleaning out the dog kennel and was looking at Raspberry in the bright sunlight and noticed mites/lice. So we gave all 6 chickens a bath with baby shampoo and blew their feathers dry with a blow dryer.

    I got some caged bird spray for the rest of the girls and chose not to spray Raspberry since she seemed so weak. We continued the convalescent care for Raspberry and she seemed better the next morning (yesterday). Really great when I came home from work and then about 2 hours later she was practically dead. Everyone was crying here (I have 3 children) and she wouldn't drink or even barely hold her eyes open. Her feet and head seemed really hot. Then she passed away.

    We buried her last night.

    I am really concerned for the other girls and don't even know what to give them (if anything) so we can prevent another death or even losing the whole flock.

    The chickens are in a sand covered run with pellet layer feed, oyster shell crumble, occasional treats of lettuce, yogurt, tuna fish, and have a nipple watering system.

    We are very new to having chickens and only started this spring with 6 chicks. They live in a nice hen house, covered run, and don't free range due to predators in our area. It hasn't been overly hot here in Seattle - in fact, it's been depressingly gray and cold most of the summer.

    Does anyone have any advice of what I should do? Planning a clean out of the coop from top to bottom, and cleaning the feeder and waterer. Anything else?

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    Can I see a pick of the bloody poo with a worm plz, I may be able to help.
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    Apr 4, 2011

    Here is the picture.


    It's pretty gross.

    I should add that our Buff Orpington has stopped laying eggs. She laid her last egg on 8/23 and hasn't laid an egg since. Our Ameraucauna started laying eggs on Monday and has laid four eggs this week. The rest of the chickens have not started laying eggs.

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