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I think Terrielacy may have unwittingly done me a favor. By locking 3 threads on here, she has forced me to look at why I have been coming to BYC of late. My answer is to read 2 of those 3 threads. Now, obviously, that's not what BYC is really about, so I really do need to find a good pagan forum, but one that is not slanted toward any particular pagan religion, and let BYC be about chickens, the way it is supposed to be.

So...can any of you posters recommend a good forum? I'm very eclectic so I'd like to find a home that "bats to all fields" if you know what I mean. I sorta kinda consider myself to be a "Religion of One" and I'm not looking for any converts, just a place to hang out with folks whose ideas are at least in the same galaxy as mine.

All suggestions greatly appreciated! Feel free to PM me!



ps: Terrielacy, thanks for giving me a tiny push here. I really do appreciate all your efforts to keep those threads going. I learned so much from them and they challenged me to really THINK about my beliefs. I would never in a million years have considered reading an openly pagan forum if I hadn't already met so many truly gracious pagans here inside the comfort zone that is BYC. Thank you for making that possible.
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The one I visit most frequently is...

www.mysticwicks.com - very diverse Pagan forum...there is a seperate section to talk about specific paths if you want to though. People are very open and friendly on there and are willing to help with just about anything. It has just about anything you could want to talk about with tons of people on daily to help with any question you may have.

I am very interested in hearing about any other forums to go to also.
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I'm also a member on the Earth's Children Fans forum, mainly a fan site for Jean Auel books, but there is a religious/spiritual section on there. Quite a few pagans, Wiccans and shamanist people on there.


I'm "Izzie" on that forum


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Yes, i thank Terrie too!

Rusty.. I will ask my SIL what forum she goes to..Shes Wiccan..(is that okay for you?)..
Anyways, i'll ask around!
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