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Hi, I build our small coop already ( 3'x4') with 2 nests ...still need to add the runner... I was planing to add a 3'x6' cage for a total space of 3'x 10' runner for which I was planing on buying 3 girls & a boy (australorps)almost a year old... but i wonder, how much extra space I will need in the new runner if I decide to go for a bigger flock, lets say 6 girls instead of 3 (would love to ad some variety with other races/colors)...???
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This would best be posted in the coop building and design section. Obviously, more space is better, but I think most will tell you at least 4 sqft per chicken.
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Thanks greymane, so I guess I can have up to 7 if I decided with the original 3x10... so maybe I can make the runner 4x 8 and that will gave me some extra room for more ...the coop have sleeping roosts for 8 (sorry I'm still trying to figure out the site)
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