Abscess on foot. **pic** UPDATE


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Apr 26, 2009
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This evening we were out farting around with the hens whenever hubby noticed something on the foot of one of the hens. It's a large abscess. Ok i decided that I would lance it
. Ok so bloody puss came oozing out
. But as i continued to squeeze what looks like part of a core started to come out. So now i think maybe it could be a spider or snake bite
. But after all of the squeezing I saw what i thought was dried poo on the pad of her foot but it was actually a scab. So i gently removed it and uncovered a hole
. So now I'm thinking she might have stepped on something
. Maybe some of yall can give me some advice on what yall think it might be. Oh yea, after i finished cleaning her boo boo i put antibiotic cream on it.


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That is bumblefoot, a staph infection of the foot and a really bad one, too. Wash everything including your own hands before and during handling and you have to wrap that up and keep her from walking all over the place, maybe a dog crate. That black plug has to come out or you won't cure it. That was the entry point. That one may require antibiotic injections, being so bad like that. You must bandage that with antibiotic ointment on it and change it every three days or so.
Unlikely it will spread to the other hens (not impossible).

The problem is that successful treatment of Bumblefoot is a lengthy process. The foot will need to be soaked 15min. a day in a solution of warm water, betadine, an epsom salts (tbs. epsom salts stirred into a couple pints of water, betadine can just be eyeballed - squirt it in the water just until the bottom of the pan disappears).

This will keep it clean and draw out some more of the goop. Then apply plain neosporin, cover with 2"x2" sterile pads and wrap with 1" cotton bandage gauze. She will need to be kept separated and on soft bedding (don't want her jumping up and down from roost or digging in the compost pile, etc.).

If this treatment does not result in improvement over the next week, or if you see the leg becoming cellulitic (red lines running up leg (spread of infection) and/or the ankle swelling, she'll require antibiotics.

The picture below, though not perfect is illustrative of how to wrap the foot (our roo being treated and have spur filed while we had him in hand). Yes, duct tape is very good.


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Thank you. I use duct tape for EVERYTHING. We are gonna build her a little make shift home in the morning. I have a local feed store that sells antibotics
so in the morning we are gonna run over and pick some up. And once again thank you.
When you're at the feedstore, see if they have some Vetwrap, a stretchy gauze that sticks to itself in spiffy colors. It is so much easier to use than gauze and duct tape, but just be careful not to stretch it tight when you put it on since it tends to tighten up more after awhile. John gave you some good tips. I dont usually use antibiotics with bumblefoot unless its really bad. Seems treating it topically is just as good, but as he said, it's not an overnight thing.
Ok i pulled the plug out and cleaned it really well. I moved her away from the others. I haven't been able to get to town today to the pen g but i put alot of anitibotic cream on her foot. Heres a picture of the plug i'm sure i got it all out.
Should i toss her eggs and if so for how long?


sorry not the clearest picture.
Why don't you scramble her egg and feed it back to her? A little protein supplement while she heals can't hurt.

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