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    Ok... so my kids have never experienced the joys of raising baby chickens before.. We finally have some land and are able to have animals after many years of waiting.. I built an incubator and last month set our first batch of eggs. Everyone loved watching the chicks hatch and couldn't wait for school to be out to run home and see what had happened while they were gone.. Lots of fun but it got better.

    I have a 3 year old boy who has his own chick now and is very much addicted already.. (I know.. better to start em young...) I took part of a slice of wheat bread the other day and crumbled it up. Then I had him put his hand flat on the bottom of the brooder, told him don't move and put the bread in his palm.. The chicks (1 week old) went completely crazy.. You would have thought they had not had a thing to eat in months...they're chirping and running around trying to protect their crumb or steal someone elses... I'm cracking up just watching the chicks...but the best part was my boy.. He is just shrieking with laughter at the chicks running over his hand and pecking at the crumbs.. I keep telling him to keep his hand flat and don't move. It is literally all he can do to keep his hand in the brooder he is laughing so hard..

    Of course we had to do it that night again to show mom and his siblings and now...I've created a monster!!! All the kids beg to be able to feed them bread everyday... I have to limit it and make sure everyone gets their turn. But the 3 year old is the funnest.. It's a good thing we all still have good bladder control or there would be a lot of pants changing going on these days.. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Be careful of how much bread you give to birds. It can become impacted in their crop and make them very sick. Also, it is lacking in a lot of nutrients that they require for normal development. If they fill up on bread, they are less apt to eat their nutritious food.
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    Quote:I agree with this. Cut up some grapes for him to feed them, or put some yogurt in a small lid he can keep in his hand.
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    That is sweet.Makes me want to have some chicks again.
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    Nothing better than the sound of a child/children laughing, especially when it's uncontrolled laughter!
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    You do realize that we now need a video of this, right?

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    Quote:I agree with this. Cut up some grapes for him to feed them, or put some yogurt in a small lid he can keep in his hand.

    how early can you do this? I have grapes that are going to be too soft for us to eat in a few days..and my chicks should come shortly..?
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    Quote:LOL it is super fun I did this last june with my 2 yr old son and 7 yr old dd. but my dd accidentally moved her index finger and oone of the chicks, grabbed it and was trying to pull on it. The chicks were 3 weeks old and they weren't hurting my daughter but the laughter that ensued was too much to bare. you should catch it on video I wish I had, cause then you can show it to family members [​IMG]
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