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Nov 22, 2007
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My Coop
I would like to thank all the little people that helped me get to where I am today (about to stuff my face), all those helpers on the sidelines who never get any recognition for what they REALLY do, which is feed the world. Id like to thank my little blue rock pullet, whose eggs will never make it to the breeding pen because she's, well, sorta ugly, but her eggs make up for it. Id like to thank those barred rock girls who lay ginormous eggs to contribute. And last but not least, Id like to thank the blue wheaton americauna pullets who have just started laying in the last month, whose outrageously sky blue gorgeous eggs are still just too teeny to set, but are absolutely beautiful in a quiche (seems almost sinful to eat those, but after all they are chickens, and thats what we do, eat their eggs!). I thank you, girls, you're the best!

Recipe??? Recipe????? This was a "kitchen sink" quiche. Fried up some sausage, threw in some onions and peppers from the garden, threw in some broccoli, some cheese, tossed it all in a pie pan, beat up about...ooooh, 2 huge eggs, 2 large eggs, 8 weenie eggs, beat with some sour cream, added garlic powder, black pepper, poured in pie pan, cooked at 350 for an hour, and voila!!!
oh, that's one of our favorite recipes too. seriously, you cannot go wrong with quiche.

is there any of that left at your house. can i have a piece? i'm hungry. is there going to be a side salad? he's touching my plate! this plate smells funny! i want more! Moooooooooooom!
Come on over, theres always enough quiche. And if I run out, Ill just make another one.

No salad, but I did heat up a yummy Katy's lighter-than-air whole wheat roll, and put a little sour cream on the side of the quiche.


You better hurry, is all Ive got to say.....

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