Accidental New Chicken Owner with a couple questions!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MistressBrandy, Aug 18, 2014.

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    Jul 14, 2014
    Meet Roxanne! I found her roosting on our trash can back in July and she seems to have taken up residence at our house here in the middle of town. We decided to keep her so [​IMG]my husband built her a coop out of some scrap wood and a pen! (I spoke with the city and we can have up to 25 chickens but we must have a covered coop and keep it maintained)

    I was told on here that she was a production red hen approximately 2 years old. She started laying eggs on August 3rd and has successfully laid one large brown egg every day since. We want to get a couple more laying hens, but I have some questions. First, if we get pullets, how old should they be before putting her in the pen with Roxanne? Next, should we try to get more production red hens or does the breed matter? Is there any breeds to avoid putting with her? Thanks!
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    Jul 14, 2014
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    Congratulations on your new hen! It looks like she chose a good place to stay! If you get her some friends, and I would recommend that you do since chickens are flock animals, it would be best to get birds that are similar in size to her. There will be the inevitable pecking order scuffles, so you want birds that will be big enough to hold their own. It doesn't much matter to her if you get the same breed or not. That's your call entirely. Looks like you have a nice coop and pen for her, but I would strongly suggest you reinforce that chicken wire with hardware cloth or welded wire. Chicken wire is no match for a stray dog, raccoon or other determined predator. And believe me - even though you are in a city, they are there and they will find your chickens sooner or later.
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    X2 !!
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    I would suggest calling the extension agent, or your local poultry club. They should know of someone that has point of lay hens for sale.

    If you bought chicks, you would have to keep them separate for months. Hard to do for most backyard chickens, and while you don't say where you are from, most of us are facing winter. Your birds will share each other's body heat, so getting them into a flock asap is a good idea.

    Do not be surprised if your darling is quite mean to the new comers. And try to add a pair. I would also suggest leaning up a pallet against the wall, or up on blocks. Gives a little shade, gives a little interest as birds can get up on top or dust bath underneath. Add a roost kitty corner. These will help with the transition of adding the new birds.

    Do not get birds from an auction or a swap, they have been exposed to a lot of birds, and may have picked up a disease. With just three birds, if the birds looked healthy, I would just add them without quarantine. Any bird that has been out and about town so to speak, is a pretty hardy bird.

    Enjoy your new hobby, it is lots of fun.

    The poster above has a very good point about the wire.

    Mrs K
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    My Coop

    I wouldn't put more than 2-3 hens in that sized coop/run.
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    Jul 14, 2014
    Thanks guys!
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    Since no dimensions are given I have to chime in. My coop is 4'x8' and the run is 6'x10'. 7 15 week old chickens are getting along fine.
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