Accidentally raised humidity for 24 hours on day 2, Have a ruined this batch of eggs?


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Dec 22, 2008
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Since spring has started (I'm in Australia) I decided to break out the incubator for the first time in a couple of years.

I've had a batch of Pekin Duck eggs in my Hovabator Genesis for almost 3 days, about an hour ago I noticed the outer well was full of water, I have no idea when I filled it :-/ Best case I wasn't paying proper attention when I topped up the inner tray yesterday (about 24 hours ago), worst case It's been closer to 48 hours. I've mopped all the excess water out but now I'm wondering if I've ruined this hatch? I'll candle in a few days to check now many are developing but I don't want to turn these things for another 3 weeks only to find they have developed too fast/slow/wrong to hatch successfully because of this mistake.

Anyone have any ideas? Do you think I've corrected it fast enough to prevent problems?

I'm sure they will be fine. Humidity should be an average over the entire incubation period as long as the eggs have lost enough weight and moisture and your air cell has grown large enough they will be fine. Try not to worry you corrected it as soon as you realised. When you next candle and if you think your air cell is not as big as you think it should be just lower your humidity a bit. Good luck with your eggs :fl

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