Accidently been feeding layer feed to pullets

Oct 2, 2020
I’m new to chickens and have been feeding my chickens from around 12 weeks (now to around 16-18 weeks) purina layer feed. They all seem very active and fine without problems, but i learned today this is an issue. Should I switch them to grower feed now and then go back to layer once they start laying? Is there anything i can do to prevent future issues in their kidneys/liver due to early layer feeding (any additionally food/treats to give them)?

If you think i should switch, which brand should I buy for the next few weeks?
Grower would be perfectly fine. What were you feeding them previous to 12 weeks? You could just switch back to that since it's a feed they're already familiar with.

It was some standard starter (not grower). Are there any problems that i should look for in my chicken since they never really ate grower? they all look pretty healthy and big (for their age). I hear that they may have too much calcium (i sometimes give them yogurt along with the layer) so any way i can reduce it?
Can't really do anything about the calcium they've already eaten, so just avoiding layer for now is about all you can do.

Starter (unmedicated) or grower are both fine at this point. I do switch to grower instead to lower protein level a little vs starter, to slow their growth as teenagers.

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