ACE hardware chickens?


5 Years
Feb 27, 2018
I was recently driving by ACE hardware and saw a sign for this new or have I just never noticed before? I know it depends on the store but has anyone know if they have a good selection?
It must be something new in new areas. I noticed yesterday mine started selling them and they never have before. However, some stores in other town near by do and have been for years.
It all depends on where they get them from and whether the store manager knows how to meet the needs of a chick. I had experience with a local Ace 2 years in a row. I special ordered some chicks with their shipment b/c they were getting their birds from a hatchery that had the breeds I needed. The first year, the chicks were well managed, and did very well. The second year, was a horror show. They had changed management. The new manager had not a clue about how to take care of a baby chick, and apparently didn't give a fig whether the chicks lived or died. I left the store with my special order chicks, one of which was comatose due to being chilled, so I tucked her in my pocket. Of course she did not live. There were 4 bins of chicks, with 2 heat lamps suspended about 3' above the bins, so that none of the chicks could get warmed up. They were all pig piling, screaming, standing on their tiptoes in the corners of the bins, trying to absorb a bit of heat from the lamps which were too high. A hardware store! And there was not a single thermometer in sight! My complaint and advice was met with Dumb looks from the employees, and even Dumber looks from the manager. That's when I vowed to never again purchase feed store chicks. I also placed a complaint with the hatchery that sent the chicks to that Ace.

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