ACK!!!!! My chicks are here!!!!! and it's a blizzard!!!!


9 Years
Feb 9, 2010
Greer, SC
PO just called ... going to drive through blizzard to get my peeps!!!! Yay!!!!! Pics to be posted soon ....

She said they were chirping, too! Woo hoo!!!!
Good luck..We had a bunch a month ago come in the ice storm so skating to the PO would have been easier than trying to drive the 4x4 there.
I second that!!!
Whoooo hooo!!! Mine came today too! Yesterday was bright and sunny, today cold and cloudy! Go figure! But they are all healthy, peeping and really busy! lol YAY!!! Cant wait to see pics!!! Drive safe!

Out of 8 ordered: 4 DOA, 1 possibly dying, 3 seem healthy. No packing peanuts sent.

Help ID'ing? .... well post pics soon ...

This is the one who may be dying. He seems vewwy sweepy. And laid all stretched out like a cat a couple of times. He's eaten and drank a little, chirps, walks around, but then wobbles, sinks down and dozes. Sometimes lays on his side ...



This cutie LOVES the marbles

And ... what are these little bundles of chick energy?


I feel certain the big black one with the yellow butt is a roo.
Congratulations on the arrival of your babies, I'm so sorry for your losses...I hope that little one pulls through. I get mine tomorrow and I'm nervous and scared.
Well, the only one I was certain of was a DOA, the blue silkie ... the rest are asst bantams and brown-egg layers.
The little one might make it yet if he/she isnt too over stressed? After traveling like that, no wonder the baby is sleepy.

Absolutely beautiful chickies!!

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