Acquired a coop... how many chickens?


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May 24, 2012
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I have acquired this coop from a friend of a friend... Now, how many hens? Do you think this would be big enough for 4? Or should I go with 2? 4 is the most my city ordinances will allow for the size of my lot.

Just by the pictures I would only go with 2, however if we had dimensions that would really help. Also, it will help to know if you plan to get regular sized hens or bantam (smaller) hens.

The average recommended space per regular bird in the house is 4 square feet / bird and in the run or yard 10 square feet per bird.

Congrats on the coop though, will be a great start!!
Maybe 2 'smaller' standard breed or 3 'small' bantams might be fine.

That is a cute coop!
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Well, I went with 3 golden buff chicks hatched 5/24. They are happy and warm in a large aquarium brooder now.

I did notice the ventilation issue... the "skylights" in the coop are covered with chicken wire and then the clear plastic roofing... there is some ventilation there.

The front red panel you see in pics 2 and 3 is where I may cut a hinged door window to provide further ventilation if needed. I also plan on adding an additional fenced run attachement off the gate to the coop so they can be out in the yard a little bit.

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