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    Sep 14, 2012
    Ok they had a red light for the first two days but I didn't think they were warm enough because they huddled under it a descent amount of time. So we put a white 250 watt (I don't know the wattage on the red but it's what we used last time with our chicks) and they are all super active and running around pecking at the side of the brooder (clear tote). Is it just because they are actually warm enough now? Some of the chicks will go under the light and lay out all sprawled out for a couple minutes then jump away, others stay away from it.

    The red just didn't seem warm enough. I could leave my hand under it indefinitely and it would just be warm. The white light is much further away from them (maybe 2.5-3 feet above them) and it's warm. One of the little EE just fell asleep under it.

    What do I do?
    How can I tell my activity level or behavior how they are doing? They are just SO MUCH more active now with this white light than they were with the red.

    Help :)
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    That is a very common discovery. I absolutely prefer the red light atmosphere. White light zips them up too much for my taste. Unless you see severe huddling and piling up, I'd not be too worried. Go back to the red lamp. By week 2, chicks don't need more than 86F degree temps, honestly. I suspect your red lamp was just fine before and will be just fine now.
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