ACV use with nipple watering systems

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    Feb 20, 2016
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    Hoping we don't annoy anyone in the next few days, ha! We are putting the finishing touches on our plans for our little fluff babies :)

    We are planning to use a 5 gallon bucket with nipples in the bottom (and more if needed) in our coop and in our run for watering. The question is, will the acid in the ACV be ok if added into those waterers since the nipples aren't all plastic?

    Thanks in advance ~ Jenny
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    Are the nipples stainless steel? If so, the ACV shouldn't corrode them. ACV (or other vinegar) is a no go with galvanized metal, though - and I'd err on the side of caution and not use it with metal if it's not confirmed to be stainless steel. Here's a thread that you may find helpful:

    Just a word of caution: I've noticed that ACV can really accelerate algae growth, especially when it's warm out, so I suggest you check your waterers regularly to ensure there's nothing slimy growing in there. It can happen pretty quickly. [​IMG]

    Best of luck with your new/future birds!

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