Added a sand box today and they are eating it

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I always put a pan of driveway sand in my brooder when the chicks are around two weeks old, but this time I added the sand at 2 days and was shocked to come back and find the pan empty! But they are all just fine, a week later, and still eat some sand but they aren't cleaning out the bowl any more.
Are your birds just pecking out small stones from your sand? My birds go after sand but they are going after the small stones (radish-seed sized or so) but not the "sand" itself. Also there are some types of "river" sand that are high in clay which can be a good supplement to your birds' diet.
They probably need some grit. Doesn't hurt chickens to eat sand.........Pop

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I'm not sure what they are pecking at. It's playsand, like what you would get for a sandbox. The intention was for them to dust bathe in it.
Kristy there is an old chicken saying, they will not eat what is not good for them. They are chickens and eat off the floor of the run
Here is my bucket and they poop in it, eat in it and bathe in it!! Just playing and having fun Kristy. When my kids first took a sand bath I thought they had epilepsy attack and a seizure.


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