Adding a standard hen with two silkies?


9 Years
Feb 26, 2011
So, in the spring, I purchased six Silkie chicks from a local lady. I have a perfect little coop that I wanted to make into a dedicated Silkie coop (separate from my larger, standard breed coop). The seller said they were all females. I knew better because I know bantams are not usually sexed and Silkies are hard to tell until much older. I didn't really care...I was just happy to find some happy, healthy Silkies locally. I was hoping to play the odds and end up with at least three females, with the recognition that I would rehome the males when they identified themselves. Well, as usually seems to be the case, the odds were slightly the other way, and I got four males and two females. So the males have moved on, but now I am a little concerned about having just two Silkies. For example, what if something were to happen to one? The other would then be completely alone.

So, as I've been pondering this, I thought of my Buff Chantecler in my larger coop. She is super sweet, but always broody, and at the bottom of the pecking order. She was going to be culled this fall along with some of my other older hens, but I'm now wondering if she would be a good fit as a companion in the Silkie coop? Curious if anyone has thoughts on this or has tried something similar, especially with Silkies?
Somebody with more experience will probably reply soon, but I would try it - she sounds as if she has a similar temperament to the typical Silkie and you're right, 2 isn't the best number. :D
You can try it, and watch. Is the Silkie coop large enough? Let them range together for a while and see how it goes.
I think Silkies are fragile and difficult, at least compared to 'real chickens' :oops: and would worry about this too. My first birds were Silkies and Belgian d'Uccles, and with poor advice from the source, the d'Uccles did great, and the Silkies -didn't-.
i have hatched silkies and kept a few from time to time. i feel like they are kind solitary birds. they never hang out with flock makes really...the co exist fine but they dont really have my two EE's have always slept next to each other and hang out, its nice to have another chicken if she were to be an only in the pen but i dont know that it matters that much "who"....also my silkies have always stuck up for themselves pretty well. none of my birds are aggressive with each other ...normal peck here and there...but my silkies take no crap from others...they were very protective moms as well.
My Silkie raised Speckled Sussex Chicks so I have 3 huge SS Pullets in with my Bantams and zero issues yet. They still cuddle the Silkie Hen and she still tidbits to them and they are almost 23 weeks old..:gig
Do a look no touch for a week and see what happens?

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