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Jul 14, 2013
I have 5 chicks right now about 5 weeks old they are already outside in a temporary coop while we are completing a build and doing great. Some one I know is hatching some Easter eggers I would really like to get 3 would I be able to put them in with my current chicks by the time I got them ones I already have would be close to 3 months

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Nov 7, 2012
You can actually brood them in the coop with your older chicks. You'll need to provide a separate pen for them, as well as a heat source. The best way to brood a small group of chicks is with a heating pad. It most closely mimics the heat provided by a broody hen, and has MANY advantages over a heat lamp. Check out this article. By the time your new babies are off heat, they will already be well integrated with your older chicks. Check out the portal doors implemented by Azygous for seamless integration of babies into an existing flock.
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Last summer, due to errors in sexing and a fatality in an order of chicks, the company replaced the lost chicks three months later. So I ended up brooding the new baby chicks in my brooding pen in my run when the previous chicks were three months old.

For all practical purposes, the three-month olds were then part of the adult flock. Other than your typical bullying that very young chickens carry out against those younger than themselves, the new babies, three of them, were fully integrated by the time they were four weeks old. They had their panic room which the larger chickens couldn't access, and they were very safe and self confident.

This summer, I have four chicks occupying the chick pen, and they were fully integrated at just two weeks. They are currently ten weeks old and squeezing through the portals to get into their panic room is becoming a tight fit. They really don't need the panic room any longer, but they like relaxing in it since they know they won't be harassed.

Adding younger chicks to the flock at any time no longer needs to be a big problem if you employ the panic room method.

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