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This is the first time I have hatched eggs. I have the Hovabator 1588 with turner. I had 10 blue/black cochin eggs delivered yesterday and was supposed to have 17 silkie eggs come today, but the silkie eggs did not come in the mail. So it will probably be Monday before I get them now. If I put the cochin eggs in today or tomorrow, can I safely add the silkie eggs on Monday? Would I be better off waiting till Monday when the silkies come and putting them in all at the same time? Thanks for your help!!

I thought I was going to have this same dilemma but I lucked out. Sorry yours didn't come today.

Well, you can add them on Monday, but then you'll have to deal with having different hatching times. If you don't have a second incubator, that will probably be a problem. My eggs only have a 6 hour difference (I added 24 at 10am this morning and I'm about to add 6 right now), so it won't be a problem at hatch time. They are close enough to stay together at the same conditions. If you add some today and then add more on Monday, you'll be dealing with a 3 day difference, which could pose a problem. But maybe others have done it, and I'm sure you'll get other answers. Best of luck in whatever you decide.

Edited to add: you may get them Saturday. That would be cool.
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Thanks!! I am glad yours worked out!!! Maybe I will wait until tomorrow and see if they come tomorrow before I put the ones I have in. Do you have any idea how long after an egg is layed that it is still safe to be hatched?
If it were me I would wait to add the cochins. Three days is the critical time at the end when you have to increase humidity for the first batch it would be all wrong for the second batch. Leaving the first batch of eggs should not hurt them at all. Find a nice cool place between 50-60 degrees. I use a cooler with a small blue ice bag. Leave the eggs in a carton and just elevate the side of your cooler the rotate the egg carton two or three times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening would be fine.
Do you have any idea how long after an egg is layed that it is still safe to be hatched?

Up to 7 days you shouldn't notice a drop in hatch rate. After that, hatchability decreses.

Store them at around 50F, wide end up and humidity of around 70%.

Turn them at least once a day.​

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