Adding new ducklings


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Sep 9, 2019
New Jersey
We recently just hatched a mallard duckling 2 days ago and he’s the sweetest little thing. He hatched all alone and has been by himself now for 2 days. Our neighbors just surprised us with 2 new ducklings that are pekin. The mallard duckling keeps running away from the new pekin ducklings and seems like it don’t want any part of them. The new ducklings keep going near him but he just runs away. Is this normal behavior?
Split your brooder and put a partition in between with something they can see each other, give it a few days then try again. Don't pick up the Mallard so much from now one so it begins to look at its new friends as his flock. @aart is right it hatched saw ya'll first and imprinted right away. So now it needs to be more aware of the other 2 ducklings.

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