Adding New Ducks - What should i be careful about

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  1. We are down to only four ducks now, after losing some to ovarian issues and cancer. One of those ducks has ovarian tumors so we will probably lose her within six months. My husband has actually said he would like more ducks. Yah! i had a very bad experience once adding adult chickens to our flock, which apparently had MG, and the outcome was not good. If i do add new adult ducks, how long should i quarantine and what health issues should i look for? Thanks for your time to reply.
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    I have a friend who quarantines for a month and sends fecal samples for testing.
  3. Everyone is different, I think quarantining is essential when you don't know the source of where your ducks are coming from. I am planning to quarantine for around 14-21 days in the future if I am unsure of their health.
  4. This is why i have tended to get babies. It's just safer. Although i would love to help an older duck from a rescue or from someone downsizing. i don't know. It might be best at this point to wait till Spring and get ducklings.

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