Adding New Eggs to Already-In-Use Incubator?


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Nov 14, 2008
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Hello everyone, I have about 20 eggs in a hovabator that I set a week ago. I want to add 20 more eggs today, but worried about the tempurature dropping? Is there a special way to go about? I am planning on using a Hatcher for the last three days of both of these guys because of changes in humidity and turning.

Any and all help is appreciated!
Make sure you can tell the two apart I use pencil and date them, they must be a least 3 days apart 5 is better for hatching. place them in a fast as you can. I do it when i have to add water since i'm opening the 'bator anyway
just plan the hatches so that you do not have to take any out when there are some on the last 3 days.

I agree, no less than 5 days between hatches..
So these will be 7 or 8 days apart. Would it hurt to up the humidity for those three days if I left all of them in there, or do I definitely need to hatch in a seperate hatcher?
i do it all the time, with no problems at all, i write the hatch date on the eggs so i know who is who, i sometimes hatch right in the turner if i am around to remove them right away, i also have a seperate incubator i set up and place them in there on hatch day.
I just took some hens off of eggs, Candled them and to see which ones were growing and made the transfer to a hovabator with a turner and it took me a little over 30 mins with them just sitting in eggs cartons. I had five hatch the next day. I still have a doz in the bator.

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