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Mar 4, 2010
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Well this spring I got a new batch of pullets as my other hens were getting older. But when i recently added these new ones into the flock(same coop and run) as the older hens, the laying hens stopped laying eggs. Is this a normal behavior or odd? Shoudl I go back to putting golf balls in the nesting boxes?
They may have gone into a bit of shock as it were. Did you isolate your new hens before adding them to the same area as the older hens?

Also with shorter sunlight hours, hens will cut back on laying some, You need to be sure to add a light that comes on in the morning to encourage laying, if you decide to go that route

Also was there any fighting with the new and old hens?

Hope this helps! Farmer Nancy
They might be stressed, and/or starting their molt. Spoil them a little bit with some extra protein and give them some time. My older flock stopped laying for 3 months last year when they wen't through their first molt. Maybe you young ones will kick into gear for you! Good luck!
i was thinking about the older ones starting to molt and this would be their first time molting. Also yes they were separated prior to joing the older hens, also surprisingly there was very little fighting maybe for an hour and then they all figured out the chain of command.

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