adding new youngsters...


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Hampshire uk
I originally had a small bantam flock of six hens, over the years this original group lost numbers along the way, until now I have only one 'little old lady' pekin called Nellie. Not wanting Nellie to be lonely, I picked up two 12/14 wk old pekins today. They spent the day housed along side Nellie, who totally ignored them, and once it was dark, I added them into her coop. even tho it was dark, all hell broke lose and Nellie went crazy. she was out to kill the smallest newbie I think!!!.
I intervened and took the new ones back out. Is that it then? is she too old for this to work, was it too soon? should I have not intervened? {although..., I couldnt not, it was fierce!} Please tell me it will work out in the end.
Okay thanks guys.
Last night I shut the babies in a pet carrier, and then placed that inside nellies coop. She could hear them, and they her, but not see or be able to hurt them. I'll do that for a few nights and then try again.

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