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    I have a hen a rooster. They abide well together. I bought 3 pullets a few months ago. For a couple of months I've been letting the two groups out in the back yard together. The pullets are scared to death of the rooster and run/fly like all H### to keep away from him. The little girls are almost grown and starting to pink up so I'm thinking of combining the two groups. Today Vern jumped one of the pullets. While he was doing his thing the hen ran up and pecked the pullet repeatedly about the head. Now these chickens aren't strangers to one another. They have been eyeballing one another since October. Is this just regular chicken behavior? If one evening I put the younger girls in the coop with the older two will I need to be out before dawn to let everyone out so there isn't carnage? Should I wait till the pullets are more mature before combine? Should I put everyone together and walk away while they work things out?????
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    I always wait until chicks are at least 16 weeks old to integrate with adults. They'll get picked on at first but in a few days, the pecking order will be settled and everything will go back to semi normal.
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    Should I put everyone together and walk away while they work things out?????

    I would do that. As long as there is room to run. It is going to happen eventually. Waking up together on the roost usually is a big help. It will be dicey between hens for awhile, but the new birds have the numbers.​

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