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    I try not to make special trips just to pick up feed. Usually stop by the TSC wile in town. Today though I was by a feed mill and decide to stop in.
    They had Layena by Purina mills for $14 a 50lb bag. Then they also had Pen Pals by ADM for $11 a 50lb bag. I pick up two bags of Pen Pals. Upon opening the bag I was impressed. You could tell the different ingredients (i got crumbles) they where crumble size but you could tell corn and grains. It does not look over processed like other feeds. The bag says they do not need grit but its a part of my layers diet anyways.

    the web site telling ingredients and such. Maker Complete Chicken Feed.htm

    I am also impressed with ADM's main site as they explain how the ingredients that goes into there feed is processed.

    I have not herd anyone mention this brand before. If anyone has tried it i would like to know. I will keep up to date how the feed performs as i have 100lbs of it for 5 birds
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    It's a good feed. I've used it since the county co-op carries it in addition to my regular Tucker Milling feeds.
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    May 10, 2012
    this might be an older thread, but ADM is a good company, for horse feeds - which is what i have most experience in , but i hate purina horse feed, so i guess im going to hate purina chicken feeds as well-- I have a choice of souther states, blue seal, ADM, or purina, or the crappy stuff from TSC.. I think im going to go with the ADM , unless someone else has input that the Blue seal is perhaps better?? anyone compare these two feeds?
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    I have used pen pals for a long time for like 5 years they also have meat maker starter grower one thing that I've noticed is that everybody says that Purina has calcium pen pals has crushed oryster shells in the egg maker

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