Adopt Battery Girls!!!!


7 Years
Oct 11, 2012
Bluff, New Zealand
last month i adopted 3 battery ladies for $3.50 each! they are great chooks, fantastic pets it takes a while for the trust to build up the are now just starting to eat from my hand and chasing me around for treats they even snuck into the house a few times. I just want everyone to adopt a few they are fantastic and they will grow into beautiful shavers, its so rewarding knowing that they are having the life a chicken needs to have. Also it is a fair bit of fun watching them learn how to be happy hens!

these are my girls off exploring! Being Chickens!
That hen has quite the crown.
nah not moulting... they have most of there feathers picked out buy other hens in the small cages, poor things and the combs get so large and floppy because they are kept in summer conditions all year round to keep them laying :(
Am I the only one that gets totally grossed out when I see a de-beaked chicken? I was hen shopping at a local Trade Days and saw de-beaked hens ALL OVER the place and couldn't bring myself to buy them. Every time they took a drink and their tongue stuck out I was all "BLECH!". I LOVE chickens and think they are beautiful, but I just don't know how people can stand looking at de-beaked hens.
Oh I'm not sure how in america I'm from new zealand I just went into the factory and you could buy the direct just before the were due to be slaughtered. I had another and she was a darling, liked being pet, and chasing for treats even ate from my hand! they just need time ;) they have had the tips burnt of but i think they look fine... Hehe I am yet to see a tongue thank goodness!!!
If their beaks were any shorter I would be a bit shocked too.

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