adopted 2 black maran chicks


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May 18, 2014
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I was at the local shelter and a woman was surrendering two black maran chicks. They are supposed to be 2 weeks old. I got my birds free as adults so know zilch about chicks. They are still downy except their wings. My friend who is at work and cant get a look at them now thinks they are older if they have feathered wings. They seem to have A LOT of feathers on their legs compared to the rest of their bodies. Any thoughts on if they can go outside or need indoor time? Its has been in the 40's overnight last two nights. Also searched for pics of chicks at specific ages and didn't see anything that matched. Downy but with wing feathers=what age? thanks

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They could be 2 weeks. I have some polish at the minute that are a week old they have wing feathers but the rest of them is still chick fluff. I've never had Maran chicks not sure if that breed would be different. I personally wouldn't put any chicks outdoors if they still have chick fluff. Some indoor time would give you chance to keep an eye on them and you to bond with them. Chicks are wonderful things as you see their personalities develop as they grow. Can you post some pics? How very nice of you to rescue them from the shelter :highfive:

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