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8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
We have been planning to add another boxer to our family for awhile for Dayna to have a friend her size to play with. I found a pretty little girl boxer at the local humane society. She was found wandering down the street and was not claimed. So I applied to get her. No such luck.

Never mind that I have several acres of land out in the country. Never mind that my boxer is spayed and UTD on all her vacs. The only thing that they cared about was that over 2 years ago someone dumped a little mutt dog, (part pug by the looks) off in my yard and it was highly agressive. I called the local animal control to no avail so finally I called the animal shelter that I now wanted to adopt the dog from. They came and took the dog and my information.

Now they are saying I can not adopt a dog due to the fact that I relinquished the little mean one over 2 years ago. No I did not. Grrrr....

I am going to try to get my mother to adopt her for me....hehehe...
It is so annoying:( They have multiple dogs and somewhere near 180 cats in this small shelter. The dogs are off in the back area and the cats run loose through the front. It is nasty. They say they can not take any more in, that they are over crowded. I am just so upset. My little girl (boxer ) turned 1 yr in April. This one is 7 months, I thought they would be a good pair. I am hoping my mother will go for this:)
I also live in the country and I was not allowed to adopt because my yard is not fenced... how do you fence 20 acres?... not to mention that I have dogs... I had a letter of recommendation from my vet and NEVER have they EVER had to return my lost dog nor have they had any complaints that my dogs were @ large. .. So I went to a breeder of the breed I wanted and explained what was going on... I waited a few months but I got a puppy that was returned because it was not a good fit for the family and I paid less then what the shelter was charging... I opted NOT to have the CKC papers because that was an extra fee and I have no intention of breeding or showing this dog... she is a pet... ... I ended up getting 2 actually I will NEVER go back to a shelter... ever!
I would do the same get someone else to adopt it for you. You are what is commonly referred to as black balled.
Those places are loyal to their financial donors.

They also microchip your dog for among various reasons so they can prosecute you if something happens like it gets stolen and dumped.
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I had a similar experience trying to adopt a Australian Shepherd recently. She had been brought back to the shelter not once, not twice but 3xs! Because she destroyed furniture while locked in the house and dug out of fenced backyards.
Why couldn't I adopt her? Because I didn't have a fenced pen for her. Never mind that I also have 20 acres surrounded by 100s of acres of farmland. And that I work at home (I farm) and constantly have my dogs around me, like, doing stuff! That dog needed a job, she didn't need a "secure fenced yard" to be left in while her family went to work. It was sad. I also ended up going to a breeder.
I am a finanical donor!! I donate 50.00 every couple of months and a 50 lb bag of dog food and a 50lb bag of cat food every 2 weeks. I know it is not much. But they wont be seeing my donations again. EVER! I feel bad though. I hate the fact that animals have to suffer for the shelters stupidity.
Yep! Thats why i cant stand most shelters!
And good! Get your mother to adopt it in her name,..

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