Adorable Smooshy Face Puppy Dog *Free*


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Mar 15, 2011
Lakeland, FL
Super sweet and lovable, but not chicken friendly, mutt needs a good home. I found this guy frolicking in traffic on Dec. 13 and have been unable to find his owner. He's a house dog, a sharer of bed and couches. We're working on not jumping but he already knows how to sit. Walks well enough on a leash. Has a very smooshy, squishy face and he doesn't mind if you mess with it. Is not food or toy possesive. Wants to play with other dogs and cats. Allows you to mess with his lips, ears, belly and feet. Is just a big ole goofy sweetheart. He's approx. 40 lbs and needs some fattening up. Very, very strong. Probably 8 months or so. He still squats to pee. Unaltered.

I'm looking for a perfect forever home. If you are, or know, an experienced dog owner, who's ready to get an indoor dog, they won't go wrong with this guy. I don't know what he is, we're calling him a boxer/black mouth curr mix but he's probably a curr/American pit mix. He is a pet, not a hunting dog. He's not the kind of dog you put in a kennel out back, it would break his heart. He's very sensitive.

It would be better if someone or another pet were home during the day, he likes company. He is probably best suited to homes with no small children as he doesn't know he's big and could easily knock a small person down.

No fee but will require a comittment to veterinary care. This guy needs to be neutered, have his shots and be heartworm tested. Due to his youth, I doubt he has them, though. He'll need to be put on preventative.

I will be traveling to the Columbia S.C. area Feb. 21 and can meet anywhere enroute.
Contact me with why you would be a good home for Sluggo.
looks like a young pitbull

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