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Been having a major problem lately (like last couple days? Definitely yesterday and today) with ads covering and/or being interwoven in with content. Anyone else having this issue???

I am on mobile. Using Safari on an iPhone so everything is up to date and everything. And I also clear my browser history, cookies, etc. quite a bit so it’s not that I don’t think. I could clear it multiple times and it’ll still do it. Also tried refreshing the page last night. Didn’t fix it. It was still like that. Weird thing is it is not every ad and seems to come and go but it is quite a bit. Seems to mostly be when I am scrolling through a thread.

I know there was some issue with something similar a while ago that I think they fixed, had the problem on my last phone, but have not noticed it since or ever had this issue on this phone.

I have attached some examples. Thank you.

Yes, I saw that today on my tablet and my computer.

Glad it is not just me.

Also having the same issue on mobile. It addition to lag while its trying to load ads. My text will lag while typing as well. I'm not at my data usage cap so I know its site related

I have had the lag sometimes too but not so much on this phone, happened more when I had an Android ha but have had it some. Where I’ll type really fast but it’s really slow to catch up/doesn’t show anything and then it finally catches up or sometimes doesn’t fast enough so doesn’t post what I wrote and gotta retype it

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