Advantages to letting a hen raise the chicks


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
As you all know, if you raise chicks without a mama, you have to use a heat lamp.
This means that they have to be "under" a light 24/7.

WE have one hen with 8 chicks that she hatched out.
They are in our crawl space, as it is still winter here.
At one week old, we began turning off the regular light, so as to allow them to sleep all night, just like they would if they were outside.

The other batch, a hen with 27 chicks we gave her, is already transitioning to lights off at night.
These chicks are 4 days old now.
They get a small amount of light, so that they can see to eat and drink at night still.
Last night, we heard hardly a peep out of them, and they all got up around 7 am, right when it was starting to get light out.
By Sunday, they will be sleeping thru the night, just like the older ones.

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