Advice for adopted flock? (UPDATE) sick birds :(


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May 15, 2011
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I recently adopted 6 pullets from a local farmer who was moving. These EEs are 6 months old, and he had purchased them from the same auction where I purchased chicks earlier this summer. So these birds are from the exact same flock as my girls.

But when I picked them up and put them in with my girls...what a contrast! The markings are exactly the same, but the adopted hens were significantly smaller and skinnier. My girls have started laying and these hens don't even seem close. Even their feathers look more dull. They have less energy. They just seem like they've been neglected. I take good care of my chickens, but I don't do anything exceptional. What conditions would have caused these hens to grow so much slower than mine? Is there anything I can do to help them catch up? In retrospect, I know I should have quarantined them. They are free of mites and worms thankfully.
Well hopefully you have not contaminated your whole flock. That was very risky. Low quality feed is probably the culprit. You should consider separating them for a month. Put them on Fermented Feed. Watch them daily.
I know. It was a rookie mistake. I already give my chickens fermented feed, but the new hens show very little interest in it. And when I bring fresh greens to the coop, they just look at it like it's totally foreign. I'm not sure they've ever seen a fresh veggie in their lives. I've had them for about a week, and they are showing signs of improvement. But I think I will separate them.
So I've had the new birds for about 2 weeks. After the first week, I separated new birds from old birds, but it seems it was too late. 2 of my original birds have become ill.

Bird #1 has a swollen face, floppy comb, and snot coming out of her beak. She sneezes a lot.
Bird #2 has labored breathing, droopy tail, pasty white and green diarrhea
Both bird are lethargic, not eating or drinking, and not laying.

On the advice of a vet, I have separated the sick birds in a warm area, and have been giving them antibiotics with an eye dropper. I've seen only minor improvement.

Any thoughts on what they might have? Could it be 2 different diseases? None of the new birds are sick.
It could be anything. The birds you picked up probably are carriers of some disease and now you have exposed your healthy birds to it. Nothing you can do now. It is probably some mold or upper respiratory illness/disease. Keep feeding the FF. Your birds are healthy and will probably will ride out this out. Add ACV/M to the water.
Here is the problem you now face. You cant add any more chickens to your flock. You have to get these healthy and keep what you have. You should not / or hatch out chicks from these. When you loose a chicken you need to have a necropsy done. You will than know what you are dealing with and can make choices. You might have to make the decision to destroy the whole flock, or it could be something as simple as fungus allergy. You will know if you can than add chickens or eat the eggs after you get a report.
Don't mean to derail, but can someone explain or post a link to the difference between fermented and cooked feed? Cattle person and know about silage, but never heard of a fermented feed for chickens.
It sounds like Corza, however it could be anything. Do some reading and see if it matches how your birds look. Those original birds have probably recovered and are now carriers.

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