advice for saddle shaped air cell

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5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
i am currently on day 14 of incubating shipped eggs. many of these eggs currently have "saddle" shaped air cells. i was wondering if anyone has any advice or experience they could share with what work best for their hatching experience. ive read many things about egg carton hatching, prematurely stopping the turning process (on day 16), etc., so if anyone has techniques of what helped have a successful hatch with this saddle air cells, i would greatly appreciate it. thank you! :)
I just had 7 chicks hatch this week and 5 of them had the saddle shaped air cell. by the way, 8 made it to lockdown. I incubated and hatched out of an egg carton and I like that way the best
thank you for your reply! did you do anything different with these eggs than you would have with intact normal air cells? stop turning early, hatch in egg carton, etc.??
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