Advice needed: removed a rotten leaking egg from my incubator


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Apr 18, 2009
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I have some Silkie eggs in an incubator that I just put in Saturday, 2 days ago. When I opened it today to put in a little water because the humidity had dropped, an awful smell came out. I found the rotting egg and it was leaking, though the crack must have been very small because I couldn't even see it. The egg burst open when I threw it in the trash and it was definitely rotten!
The whole house smelled until I ran our air purifier for a while.

Now that I took out the bad egg, what do I need to do? Should I take the other eggs out and clean the incubator, just wipe out that cup in the egg turner, or what? Is there anything I can clean that cup out with without harming the other eggs? Should I take the turner out and clean the incubator underneath since this egg was leaking? I don't want to harm my other eggs, which I am hoping are still good. I did sniff them and didn't find any more that smelled bad.
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I would worry about the bacteria that will grow over the next 3 weeks of incubating from the rotten leaking egg.... I have had staggered hatches and well the early ones can mess up the incubator for all.. I take out the eggs and lay them in a towel and cover to keep them warm. I take the bator apart and quickly clean it and put the water back in the trays... Temp back up in a few minutes and egg are good to go! good luck!
Thank you. I was also worried about bacteria. The smell was horrible as soon as I opened the incubator. It was easy to pick out the bad egg. As soon as I picked it up I could really smell it.

I guess if they can be taken out to candle them, they can be taken out to clean the incubator really quick. I was thinking this wouldn't be as harmful to them as sitting in bacteria the whole 3 weeks.

Actually, the Silkie eggs are the only ones in that particular incubator right now, but I have some more different ones coming in the mail. I appreciate the advice and help!!

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