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6 Years
Jun 2, 2013
So I have a flock of bantams and all of bantam chicks around 2-3 months old and I got a big standard rooster and hen, my bantam wasent very happy and consistently fought but they eventually settled everything and became pretty good buds but then the standard rooster would chase and mate the little hens, hurting them severely so I decided to sell the two as a pair, and I'm using the money to buy another pair of bantams, if I get another Banty rooster will my Banty roo that I have now get along with them? I'm planning on getting some lemon blue old english game bantams since I have a few hens of them already! Any advice?
You won't know until you try but, if your banties are game birds, I don't think two roosters will get along unless you give them separate fenced in flocks. You could put "Gamebirds" in the search box, and you will find an array of threads you could post your question on. Good luck.
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Two roo's are probably not going to get along. These game birds are fairly aggressive and the chances that they will live in peace is pretty slim.

Good luck with all your projects and welcome to our flock!
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