advice on chicken who isn’t able to walk properly?


Aug 22, 2020

This is onion, he was attacked by a cat when he was a chick and was left with a damaged leg, at first it was just his closed fist and would walk with a limp but progressively over time his leg started bending the other way and is extended far away from him and slowly is starting to be unable to walk, i went outside and he was on his side because he couldn’t stand and was probably exhausted from trying to stand so i brought him in and now we’re cuddling, he eats, sleeps, drinks, loves being pet, but i don’t know what to do, i know this life isn’t the best for him but i love my chickens a lot and they mean the world to me so i’m just looking for advice :(


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'do you think you'd be able to brace the leg and get it back to at least a normal position? He's never gonna be able to walk on that, but if you got it back to a straight up and down position it would make it easier for him to use a walker. Theres also an Etsy seller who 3D prints chicken prosthetics. If you could bend the leg back, a prosthetic would make it even easier for him to push a walker around.
The large wheels in the below design


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I wouldn't know how either sadly. Maybe someone else on here will have an idea. A wheelchair is still a good idea, he'll be able to scoot around on one leg.
do you think he’ll be happy? are the still able to peck around?

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