Advice on CONSTANT chirping from keets


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Oct 23, 2008
Lapeer, MI
I am wondering if anyone has any advice.

We did our research and got all prepared to bring home some guinea keets. We brought our three 3-day olds home yesterday and got them all set up in their brooder. BUT, they have not stopped peeping (if you can call it that!) since they came home!!! It is horrible. I know they are alarm systems but I really didn't expect the babies to be chirping like that. I'm honestly concerned... The temp is at 95 and they have plenty of room to roam away from the heat so they can't be cold.

I'm wondering if this is normal behavior for the 3 day old keets and if there is anything I can do to make them feel more at home???? Maybe to stop breaking our eardrums

Any advice is welcome please!
Only three hatched out so I was only able to bring the three home. I did read that about a mirror. I'm game to try anything. I will definitely try that tonight!

To me it sounded like they were looking for others, like they were "sounding off" if you will. Maybe that will help

Thank you.
Were they in a brooder with baby chicks or something else before you brought them home? if so they are missing their "brooder-mates". If not, they are just having a difficult time adjusting to the change (Guineas hate change, even the young keets).

Also you want to make sure they are eating and drinking, they may be scared of the new feeder and waterer... but should adjust within a few days. I'd dip their beaks a few times a day just to make sure they are getting a few swallows of water, and sprinkle some starter feed crumbles on a paper towel on the brooder floor in front of them to encourage them to eat.

You could also try adding a small stuffed animal or 2, and even turning on the radio may help.
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By the time I got home from work last night they were quiet. I still put the mirror in with them for company though. They just LOVED it. They all stare at it and sleep by it now :) I have seen them eating and drinking so that's good.

Thank you all!!!
Holy cow that was funny!

Honestly, if they are like my daughter I'm going to have to buy them a muzzle!!!!
I wasn't going to go there-- just infer...

Last time I made a comment like that on here- I was called sexist, and got negitive karma from the admin...

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