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Aug 22, 2019
hi guys

I’m new to ducks (picking them up in a week)

I am in the process of building their duck house and am seeking advice

The ducks will be kept in a pen they share with goats

There is a small pond in the pen which is fed with water from a small stream that comes from a large pond in my garden (outside the pen) in the bottom of the small pond in the goat pen is a pump which sends the water back up to the large garden pond.

There is only small fish and frogs in the ponds that magically appeared. I don’t feed them. The water is crystal clear and very well aerated

My goats don’t go into the water as I made the pond banks high (1 1/2 feet) but occasionally a tiny bit of their poop does. Pond banks are rock

I intend to build the duck house on stilts over/in the pond

See attached pic. It will go where I am in the pic in the front of it on stilts over the water and the back of it going into land where I’m making an attached feeding area for then

A wide shallow angle ramp with sides will be their entry/exit from the water

I’m assuming call ducks would not be able to get out of the pond as sides are 1 1/2 feet high so I’m going to have to work out how they can get in and out the pond

There will be a small deck area in front of the door (not shown in sketch)

I am assuming ducks will drink the pond water...even if I put out a waterer

I’m assuming they will poop in the pond but the overall large water volume should nullify any I’ll effect

I don’t know if the occasional goat poop falling into the pond could. Cause worm issues in the water and if so if that could be an issue when/if the ducks drink

Any concerns or advice?


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That is a really nice pond. so your duck house is going to be over it? Call ducks fly really well so maybe they can fly in and out? Just a thought.

I like your idea on the duck house though hope you'll post pics when done. I really don't think you will have to worry about there being a small amount of goat poop in the water. especially if you worm your goats regularly. Do you use safe guard for goats that is also rec for poultry. If you needed it.

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