Advice on hatching Mandarin eggs please


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Apr 9, 2015
I have posted in incubation and duck forum but have bee advised to post here.
I have two eggs at day 27 in the incubator. Dip down two days ago and today eggs are wriggling but I don't think they have internally piped yet.
Any advice would be great as I really don't want to loose these two

I have one out. Other one im assisting. Think it might have been my humidity. So much conflicting. Some say dry, others say nomarl or spraying daily. Just didn't really know what to do but they are almost here
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I think dry refers to chickens which is not actually dry but rather low humidity. Ducks, I understand to need more than chickens. But this is my first time hatching mandies and I kept my humidity at 57%, cooled and sprayed daily, and now have it at 70% for lockdown. We'll see how hatch goes. By tonight at midnight it will have been a full 28 days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. How is the assist going? Pics please!
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Both doing great, although took longer than I expected for them to be up and walking. 1st one is now feeding. I will take some pics.

I followed advice on Muscovy's as they are supposed to be difficult and the guy said the normal thought is to hatch humid but he hatches dry and gets higher results.

Let me know how yours get on!!
Well yikes! I have been incubating humid and have them in lockdown on the normally recommended humidity. They have completed day 28 and are into 29 but I've seen nothing. Hoping they'll be alright. Congrats on your hatch! Everyone told me that Mandy eggs are super difficult Nd that shipped couldn't be done, but you'v hatched tours and my shipped eggs all developed beautifully all throughout incubation! Please post pics and video if you can! Dying to see them! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for mine.
I meant to have taken pics today but defiantly will tomorrow as will have more time.
These two are doing great although they run around looking for things to eat but not taking much of the chick crumbs. They have been in the garden with me and chased a few flies around, even had a swim in the pond where they ate some pond weed.
I really hope yours do ok as will be great to compare notes as they grow. So hard to get info on rearing Mandarin's.
I read that you should try softening the starter feed with a little water and also adding mealworms alive to pique their interest.
How are they doing Susan?
I have taken some photos so just got to work out how to post them

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