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Feb 25, 2010
Hello - 2 of my girls were carried off by racoons the other night. I'm left with one lonely, freaked out Rhode Island Red. She's about 6 months old and hasn't started laying yet. She's off her feed right now and seems to be searching and calling out for her flock mates. She actually seems to be grieving. My thought was to get one new chicken so she wouldn't be out numbered and get a girl about her age. (Introduce 1 or 2 more down the road.) My question is: how soon should I do this? My gut is telling me right away. Thoughts? Thanks!
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From what I have read, you are not supposed to introduce a new chicken into your flock without first putting it into quarantine for around 30 days to prevent spreading any kind of illness the new bird may have. But if you could put it somewhere where the other bird could see it, but not too close, it might ease her grief some.
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Is it possible to relocate her? The change of scenery might distract her temporarily. I know a lot of people wouldn't, but I'd get a dog crate and bring her inside. I'd buy the new one from a reliable source and not bother with quarantine. The difference between 1 sick bird and 2 sick ones isn't that great.
I would find another bird ASAP, personally, and not bother with quarantine. Chickens are social animals, it's upsetting to them to not have buddies.
I've got one crazy chicken who doesn't mind being by herself, but she's the exception rather than the rule. Good luck! Sorry to hear about your other girls. So sad.
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