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7 Years
Apr 14, 2016
Berkshire, UK

I have treated bumblefoot a number of times but never had one on the webbing of the foot before. Usually I have seen the black dot and then soaked it, gently peeled it back and then applied antibiotic cream on a daily basis until it goes.

Unfortunately Rosie has a (large) pea sized lump in the webbing of her foot. It is between two toes not on the base of the foot where I have encountered them many times (never on her though).
Rosie1.jpg Rosie2.jpg

I plan to soak and remove the black dot - but should I try to get into the lump? If I don't and I just treat as before, will it go away?

Never sliced into a foot before and am nervous doing so, so advice about which way to go would help.

Many thanks
For the lump on the webbing between the toes, you will need to make an incision, and I suggest doing it on the down-side toward the toes. Be generous with a half inch clean cut right at the base of the lump. Be sure you've soaked it and use disinfectant before and after the incision. Then dress the wound with antibiotic ointment and bandage well until the incision closes, about three or four days to be sure.

If you encounter solid wax-like pus, it's a bumblefoot infection (staph bacteria), and all of the pus needs to be cleaned out or squeezed out. If the lump is filled with fluid, it's probably another sort of bacteria causing it, such as Mycoplasma synoviae. That would require treatment with an oral antibiotic such as Tylosin.
Thanks. I have still to do it as the weather has been horrid and I want the best opportunity to keep her foot clean and plaster on as long as possible. I am nervous about the cut but I'll try it. Thanks again.

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