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Sep 1, 2011
Help! I have a week old Indian Runner. Incubated naturally and living with mum and 2 siblings. The first day it seemed ok, but then started limping. It runs a few steps and then sits down. It hasn't gotten any worse over the last week but I am really worried about it. Has anyone had the same problem, and do you know what I should do?:
No I am not adding Niacin, what is it? should I and why?
The chick is about the same really , no better but no worse.
Any advice would be appreciated
mivvi mivvi mivvi, the age old issue of niacin. I would explain it to you but it would probably be easier and better for you to pop it into the search box. Its basically a vitamin that gives the ducklings legs a bit more strength when growing up. Most, if not all, duck owners will come across this at some point. On the other hand, my duckling broke her leg when she was younger, she still walks with a limp now but gets on ok. The addition of niacin would help if that is the problem, but if the little baby has been hurt then only time will tell the severity of it. Hope it all goes well for you, I completely understand the worry you are going through but you will be fine. Your in good hands here dont worry

Ducks get niacin naturally from protein foods. Bugs, beans, nuts etc. If you're feeding a feed that has niacin you can't be certain that the niacin hasn't leeched out in storage. You can either hand mix a fully balanced diet from your grocery store shelves, or buy water soluble vitamins.

Leg injuries are also extremely common. I've had two leg dislocations in one group of 5 young khakis this summer. One was a hip I was able to massage back into place, one was a hock I could do nothing about. A third one had a limp for a week that cleared up on it's own.
I am going to try to get some Niacin this afternoon, its got to be worth a try. He/She does not seem any worse or distressed in any way. It is a bit smaller than the other two, so maybe a weaker chick? Thank you for your help and encouragement its so appreciated. I hate to ask this question but am I wrong to keep her alive? I do want to give her the best chance possible.
If she seems in pain maybe culling would be best. I would say give her a chance. Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks basically says to give ducks a chance because they heal well even from bad seeming injuries.

I bought niacin capsules. I add 1 500mg cap to a 5 gallon water jug. I just pull the capsule apart and add the powder. You can also get tablets but seemed like more work having to crush them. So, 100mg to 1 gallon water until 8-10 weeks old at least. Any drug or grocery store will have it. Costs about $5 for a bottle. Some people always keep niacin in the water. It helps them develop strong legs so, that may be the problem.

Seperate her for now if you can. Keep her contained so she doesn't have a big area to roam so that she rests.

Good luck.
Have started the niacin in their water . I honestly don't think she is in pain, so will wait and see how things 'pan' out. Thanks , will keep you kind peps informed!
Good luck mivvi. I went through the stress of thinking that to cull my duck would have been best, but she is fine now (well, walks even funnier but she is fine in herself) So, even if she heals she still may limp or walk funny, so I would say there is a 99% chance she will be ok. Just give her loads more cuddle and treats, and as said above, keep her on her own for a while. I kept my poorly duck in the front room and she used to love watching tv with me
Check for cuts/bruises - I had a 3 month old hurt his dew claw and he limped until I figured out that's what it was. I cleaned it with benadine and antibiotic cream and within 2 days he was back to normal. Good luck!

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